Gothenburg Central Station

This station is the traffic hub for Sweden's entire western region. The Central station, Centralhuset and Nils Ericsson terminal form Gothenburg Travel Centre, through which 90,000+ passengers pass through every day. The station was first constructed mid-19th century and has been reconstructed successively since then.

The Challenge

In 2009, a new control and regulation system was installed in the property as a part of a technical modernization project. In 2014, Kabona was assigned to install Ecopilot® to offset the five-year-old control system and continuously optimize the property’s energy consumption.

area25.389 m2
buildingGothenburg Central Station
locationGothenburg, Sweden
Type of BuildingInstitutional
year of construction2003
ECOPILOT® installation2013

The Results

Now Ecopilot® and the existing control system work together. Ecopilot® continuously estimates the property’s optimal energy operating mode by taking into account internal temperature data, external weather impacts and thermal storage capacity. This has resulted in a pleasant indoor environment and lower energy consumption.

  • 28% Yield on investment

The following improvements have been documented after Ecopilot® installation*

  • 20% Heating
  • 13% Electricity

This installation has reduced carbon emissions by the equivalent of the examples shown.

  • 40 Tonnes of CO2 / year
  • 8.5 Cars on the road
  • 43,080 Lbs of coal burnt