Huskvarna Healthcare Centre

A newly-constructed district healthcare centre in Huskvarna. The property houses health care and dental operations as well as a maternity welfare clinic.

The Challenge

Although this was a newly-constructed property, the ventilation, heating and cooling systems did not function together. Ecopilot® was installed to offset the existing system.

area10.472 m2
buildingHuskvarna Healthcare Centre
locationHuskvarna, Sweden
Type of BuildingInstitutional
year of construction2010
ECOPILOT® installation2013

The Results

The property broke the trend of a rising curve and significantly declined their energy consumption. Huskvarna Healthcare Centre’s systems now work together and harness the building’s thermal inertia. Several additional energy-saving measures have also been identified in the property, which can further improve profitability.

Financial Savings
  • 25% Yield on investment
Energy Savings

The following improvements have been documented after Ecopilot® installation.

  • 35% Heating
  • 10% Electricity
Reduced Carbon Emissions

This installation has reduced carbon emissions by the equivalent of the examples shown below.

  • 20 Tonnes of CO2 / year
  • 4.2 Cars off the road
  • 21,540 Lbs coal burned