Property in central Borås with shops on the ground floor, offices on floors one and two and apartments on floors three to six.

The Challenge

Ecopilot® was installed as part of a technical modernization program related to occupancy. Problems with existing system collaboration, combined with a need to maximize energy savings following a large replacement of windows made Rochri the perfect candidate for Ecopilot® installation.

area5.035 m2
locationBorås, Sweden
Type of BuildingResidential
year of construction1966
ECOPILOT® installation2011

The Results

The property almost halved its energy consumption after installing Ecopilot®. Ecopilot® has automatically adapted to the new climate conditions uses them to optimize Rochri’s technical systems.

Financial Savings
  • 32% Yield on investment
Energy Savings

The following improvements have been documented after Ecopilot® installation.

  • 34% Heating
Reduced Carbon Emissions

This installation has reduced carbon emissions by the equivalent of the examples shown below.

  • 13 Tonnes of CO2 / year
  • 2.7 Cars off the road
  • 14,000 Lbs coal burned