Enbridge Gas Incentive Offer

Participate in the Enbridge Gas Advanced Building Automation Systems program – a limited time pilot offer.  

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Building Automation Systems (BAS) are centralized control systems or computerized hubs where a building’s critical systems are scheduled, adjusted, and monitored automatically. BAS uses both software and hardware to monitor building systems—such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), mechanical, water, and lighting systems—to ensure maximum efficiency and reduce energy use and costs. A wide selection of BAS is available today; these measures vary in complexity and are customized for each building and situation.

For Enbridge Gas purposes, Advanced Building Automation Systems (ABAS) are defined as a group of measures or improvements to existing BAS solutions and are intended to generate incremental energy savings. ABAS measures are highly variable in nature, so no specific sensors or technologies will be required by Enbridge Gas for inclusion in the ABAS Limited-Time Offer (the ‘ABAS LTO’).

Incentives & Savings

  •  Enbridge Gas customers participating in the ABAS LTO are eligible for an enhanced incentive of $0.30 per m3 for natural gas saved. This is 50% higher than the standard incentive of $0.20 per m3 available through the Commercial Custom Retrofit Program.
  • Natural gas savings will be calculated one year after ABAS implementation based on metered gas savings, as described in Appendix A (request a copy from info@ecopilotai.com)
  • The ABAS LTO cannot be combined with any other Enbridge Gas incentive offer.
  • ABAS LTO incentives are available on a first come, first served basis. Enbridge Gas reserves the right to amend or terminate ABAS LTO at any time without notice.
  • All ABAS LTO projects will be paid in 2022 or 2023. Projects that yield zero or negative natural gas savings will not receive an incentive payment.


  • All sites must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas to qualify for the ABAS LTO. Your building may be eligible to participate in the ABAS
  • LTO if it meets the following criteria:
    • Commercial Enbridge Gas customer, excluding L-UG Commercial Contrax accounts.
    • Building consumes natural gas on an annual basis.
    • Building must be occupied with the present use for at least one year prior to participation. Not available to new construction buildings.
    • Occupancy and building use are not expected to substantively change for the 12-month monitoring period after ABAS measures have been implemented.
    • No major capital upgrades that impact natural gas consumption are planned for the 12-month monitoring period.
    • Whole-building daily natural gas consumption data is required during the 12-month monitoring period. Building must have an Automatic Meter Reader (AMR), which captures daily interval natural gas consumption data—such as a Metretek metre—installed prior to the monitoring period. Pulse data collected from Enbridge Gas meter are recommended. If building does not have an AMR, this must be installed at the expense of the Business Partner or Customer prior to ABAS installation.
    •  The Customer or Business Partner must make a capital investment in ABAS measures. In other words, the installation of physical equipment (sensors, controls, actuators, etc.) is required. No-cost operational improvements do not qualify.

Contact info@ecopilotai.com for more information.

Read a copy of the Enbridge Gas ABAS LTO – Overview and Eligibility Requirements (External)