ecopilot® – HVAC
optimization with
Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Once Ecopilot® integrates with your existing, Building Automation System, it goes to work finding your building’s “balance point temperature”.  Artificial Intelligence determines that number through real-time indoor data, 5-day weather forecasts and your building’s unique capacity for thermal mass. Ecopilot® continuously calculates the energy balance between these factors, automatically and continuously adjusting set points for heating, cooling and ventilation – every two minutes.

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For us, this project has been one of the easiest to implement, with the best ROI.

Pat Poirier, Director, Operational Sustainability




Efficiency savings are automatic and continuous and your  team can view Ecopilot’s real-time impact on operations with the Ecopilot® Analysis Tool. This 24/7 online dashboard display real-time energy consumption savings and helps building operators analyze the efficiency of your existing Building Management System with a suite of essential data and interactive illustrations, including:


The dashboard provides a real-time look at actual energy consumption savings with Ecopilot®. You’ll also receive energy alerts and historical data.


See how current conditions like sun, wind and outdoor temperature affect your building’s performance. Ecopilot® automatically applies this data to optimize HVAC efficiency.


Identify and control the most important parameters for maintaining an indoor temperature within user-specified comfort levels.


Access your building’s dynamic temperature map 24/7, with graphic displays mapping your building’s hot and cold zones in real time. This data helps maintain climate and point to areas where energy consumption can be improved.


Our standard room sensors can be supplemented to measure CO2 and atmospheric humidity. Having these details gives you even more control over maintaining a pleasant indoor climate.


You’ll also receive recommendations for additional energy saving measures. Ecopilot® is a powerful tool for identifying imbalances, system failures and flaws in the connected heating/cooling systems.





Ecopilot® uses real-time data, 5-day weather forecasts and building thermodynamics to proactively optimize your automation system in real time.


Our smart customers see an average 25% reduction annually in HVAC energy consumption.


Maintaining an indoor climate within a comfortable, stable range has been shown to increase productivity while reducing illness and complaints.

Ecopilot® optimizes the coordination and long-term planning of the connected HVAC systems.  This saves energy but also eliminates large temperature differences resulting in a more pleasant indoor environment.


Ecopilot® installation is non-evasive, with no disruption to your day-to-day business operations. For all the tech-y details on installation & integration, download our technical brochure.

hvac curtailment during costly peak demand events.

With the precise peak demand prediction capability of EnPowered and the autonomous functionality of Ecopilot®’s AI solution for HVAC energy efficiency, comes a unique tool for massive dollar savings during expensive peak demand periods.

Ecopilot® and EnPowered have combined their two services to bring to market peak demand prediction services coupled with automated curtailment of HVAC demand during peak demand events.  Now, that’s smart. 


We first commercialized Ecopilot® in 2008, and after making more than 1,000 buildings smarter, we know it works. That’s why we guarantee our savings with no upfront install costs — you’ll only pay what you save.

Our savings are guaranteed. Check out our Measurement and Verification document.

From the minute Ecopilot® was turned on, it was able to identify several issues within the building we were not aware of, and that in itself delivered significant operational savings to us.

Pat Poirier, Director, Operational Sustainability

Our commitment to delivering exceptional resident experiences, including their comfort, is a priority for us. Ecopilot® delivered a more balanced internal climate that contributed to some energy and operating savings. This was a positive result from both a corporate and customer standpoint. We look forward to future possibilities throughout our residential portfolio.

Jennifer Poirier, VP Real Estate

Ecopilot® has enabled us to focus the attention of contractors to specific tasks therefore avoiding unnecessary costs to Parexel associated with making physical investigations.

Martin Eastwood, Managing Director

Frequentlyasked questions.

Will Ecopilot® work in my building?
Ecopilot® requires integration with a building automation system that speaks either BACNet, Modbus, or other common communication protocols. Don’t have a BAS? We can add one. Also, does your building have a central system (boiler, chiller)? Ecopilot® offsets supply temperature setpoints for heating loops, cooling loops, and air handling units, as well as start and stop of these systems when the long-term need for cooling or heating is not required. If VFD’s are in place, Ecopilot® will also offset air and pump flows.
Does Ecopilot® manage lights and water?
No. Ecopilot® minimizes consumption for HVAC.
How much will it cost to install? How much will I save?
Every building is different, but based on 1,000 installations, annual HVAC energy savings are 25% and average ROI is 3 years. Contact us for a free assessment.
How long will it take to install?
On average, between 6 – 12 weeks.
How long will it take to start saving?
Immediately. You’ll see results the second Ecopilot® is turned on.
Does the age or size of the building matter?
No. Ecopilot® integrates with modern control systems.
Will Ecopilot® override my existing building automation system?
No way! Ecopilot® will not prevent your automation system from being overridden by building operators. Changes can also be made within Ecopilot® by your building staff.
My building is LEED certified and/or BOMA Best, is there any point of installing Ecopilot?
Yes! Ecopilot® adds an extra layer of energy efficiency that will harness thermal properties to balance temperatures, optimize HVAC and modulate control strategy for greater efficiencies (and savings).
Will I need to spend money to upgrade my building first?
No. Ecopilot® aims to leverage existing on-site assets. As part of our assessment and ongoing support, our team will make recommendations for future considerations with the goal of expanding both efficiencies and the life of on-site assets.
How are you able to guarantee savings?
As part of our building assessment, you’ll provide us with historical energy consumption data. This will become the reference point for the calculation of how Ecopilot® performs. The reference point data will be presented in the property’s energy signature in Ecopilot’s dashboard display. Read more about Ecopilot’s M&V.
My BAS supplier told me they do the same thing. How is Ecopilot® any different?
Consider us a power add-on tool to your existing automation system. Ecopilot® is based on over 15 years of commercial experience and more than 1,000 installations. Unlike your BAS, Ecopilot’s proprietary algorithm is inclusive of our extensive understanding of thermodynamics and weather forecasting. We collect these data elements and provide automatic and continuous energy savings based on the ever-changing balance point temperature.
How do I get started?
Ecopilot® provides a free building assessment. To book yours, call 1-800-217-1788 or email

More questions, smarty-pants?