Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions for Any Building in
New York – Ecopilot® AI for HVAC

Our Real Time Energy Management Solution Pays for Itself with Energy Savings.
– Avoid Penalties from NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act.

Tenants Stay More Comfortable, and You Pay Less For HVAC Energy

Ecopilot® uses AI and works with your Building Automation System to harness the building’s natural thermal mass. It integrates weather and indoor temperature data to maintain a comfortable temperature without the typical overreactions of ordinary HVAC systems. Ecopilot® provides:

  • Real-time energy savings
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Lower HVAC running times and maintenance
  • Enhanced temperature control for better comfort

This Commercial Building Lowered Winter Heating Bills by 50%!

Below is a graph from a commercial building demonstrating how Ecopilot saved energy and reduced HVAC energy consumption by 50%, all while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

Ecopilot’s AI (purple) is what’s contributing to all the energy savings. The intelligent HVAC system uses a suite of weather data, internal temperature, and the buildings’ thermodynamics to control the building based on the balance point temperature.

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Smarter Continuous


Here’s How It Works

Save between


In Energy Costs

Ecopilot® helps you save money automatically and continuously, 24/7, 365 days. It also identifies HVAC inefficiencies, recommends ways to reduce energy consumption, and accurately predicts future energy demand.

Advanced  AI collects data on temperature and humidity from inside and outside of the building. It uses predictive analysis to:

  • Eliminate unnecessary energy spikes from older HVAC systems.
  • Capitalize on the building’s thermal mass as a free energy source.
  • Anticipate the building’s energy requirements based on occupancy, weather predictions, and other factors.
It continuously optimizes your building’s
energy requirements, saving money every month.

an Average
ROI of
3 Years

We Guarantee To

Save Owners Money

Since 2008, Ecopilot® has reduced energy costs in over 1,200 commercial buildings in Europe and North America. It’s a proven system that improves every year with advanced AI.

There is no risk because…

  1. You pay no upfront costs for installation.
  2. You only pay for the energy costs you save.

In other words, if our solution doesn’t reduce your costs, you don’t pay.

Stay Ahead of



NYC’s strict Local Law 97, a.k.a. Climate Mobilization Act, targets existing buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. They must reduce their emissions by 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2050. Failure to comply results in significant fines. NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act is just the beginning, and its burdensome regulations will soon spread Statewide. Stay ahead of the game and avoid penalties by slashing energy costs and CO2 emissions now.

Ecopilot® provides accurate, verifiable data on your building’s CO2 reductions.

From the minute Ecopilot® was turned on, it was able to identify several issues within the building we were unaware of, and that in itself delivered significant operational savings to us.

Pat Poirier, Manager of Engineering & Sustainability, Crombie REIT.

People, Landlords, and Buildings We’ve Improved

A 12-story apartment high-rise in Halifax, NS.
Result – 22.5% reduction in gas consumption.
16-story residential building in Halifax, NS
Result – Reduced gas consumption by 31.8%.
A two-story brick building.
Result – Reduced electricity consumption by 20%.
A 352-room hotel.
Savings –
Year 1 – $100,144
Year 2 – $220,049
A 14-story office and shopping center.
Result – 24.29% cost reduction for gas and electricity.
A 5,611 m2 office in Nottingham, UK.
Result – 45.4% reduction in gas consumption and a 9-month ROI.
A 200-store mall.
Result – 26% reduction in heating costs. 34% yield on investment.
A 6-story mixed-use brick building.
Result – 34% reduction in heating costs and 32% yield on investment.