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EcoPilot Canada | USA Expands AI Offerings to Combat Climate Change

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - EcoPilot Canada | USA, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for HVAC energy management, is excited to announce its new partnership with NODA Intelligent Systems, a global leader in smart building technologies. As an authorized reseller, EcoPilot Canada | USA will now offer NODA’s Innovative AI Products and Services to its clients across North America

The NODA partnership builds upon EcoPilot Canada | USA’s significant growth in AI products and services, which included a recent expansion into 24 communities with Shannex Inc.  Jennie King, the General Manager, explains that NODA strategically targets smaller to middle sized multi-residential and commercial buildings, making AI implementation more cost-effective and ensuring quicker payback for clients. King emphasizes their shared commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, highlighting how NODA’s advanced solutions complement their existing AI offerings. EcoPilot Canada | USA will continue to offer their no-fee installation and guaranteed energy savings offer, an incentive that grew popularity when first introducing AI to the North American real-estate sector. 

Headquartered in Dartmouth, NS, EcoPilot Canada | USA specializes in optimizing building energy consumption through cutting-edge automation and artificial intelligence. Their solutions help commercial and residential buildings reduce energy costs, enhance occupant comfort, and minimize environmental impact.  The company has seen exponential year over year growth.

Based in Karlshamm, Sweden, NODA Intelligent Systems is renowned for its advanced energy optimization platform, which integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure. Their predictive analytics and cloud-based platform empower facility managers to make data-driven decisions, improve operational efficiency, and create sustainable environments. “EcoPilot Canada | USA’s reputation for excellence makes them an ideal partner,” said Tatiana Brandt, CEO of NODA Intelligent Systems. “Together, we can drive positive change in the built environment.”

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