Some business owners may think just having environmental and greater good programs are enough to keep investors, employees and customers happy. However, that’s only one piece of the pie.

The built environment has always been extremely influential in shaping human lives and mitigating the impacts of climate change, making it a crucial component to decarbonize for society to achieve its long-term goals of net-zero emissions. This has led to a push on building owners and managers to implement environmental, social and governance, known as ESG initiatives, with an estimation to surpass US $53 trillion in assets globally by 2025 based on a growing demand from investors.

As a comprehensive framework, companies can utilize ESG initiatives to provide to their stakeholders — from investors to customers — with quantitative data on their efforts to address climate change, social impacts and thoughtful governance principles, such as accountability and transparency.

Commercial real estate professionals, like Minto Group, have followed the turning tide towards proactive ESG measures and have reaped the benefits of doing so.


Minto has long recognized the importance of identifying their impact on the environment and people in order to provide better places to live. As conscientious leaders, they have displayed an active effort to minimize their environmental impact through methods like energy management, and decreased carbon emissions, while upholding their responsibility to the community, and exercising effective governance.

Their ESG commitment has earned the Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA) BOMA BEST Platinum certification for three of their office buildings in Ottawa. But it doesn’t stop there: the Minto Communities GTA branch also received the 2021 and 2023 Green Builder of the Year at the BILD Awards, and the 2021 EnerQuality Green Builder of the Year- Low Rise EQ Awards. These accolades are a testament to their commitment to the environment with impactful energy conservation, decarbonization, and sustainable practices.


As an innovative software, EcoPilot has committed more than 10+ years to introducing building owners and managers across the nation to the benefits of AI technology, including Minto. Following their implementation of the tech at a multi-unit residential property in Toronto, with an additional four sites to go live this spring, Ecopilot has played a notable part in aiding Minto to meet their ESG goals.

“Implementing AI into Minto’s BAS seemed like a leap at first, but the outcomes have alleviated any doubt. As we move towards low-carbon technology and attempt to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, it becomes more important to operate the equipment as efficiently as possible. Smart building technologies bridge the gap between design and actual operating efficiency,” says Joanna Jackson, Director of Sustainability & Innovation at Minto Group.

ESG measures will be at the forefront of the built environment as the design and development of climate resilient structures becomes increasingly critical. It is fast becoming a mainstream long-term investment strategy, which can help investors align their financial goals with personal and global values. The more industry players utilize advanced solutions to support their ESG strategies, the better the chances of creating a greener future.

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