Killam Apartment REIT’s Quinpool Tower is now live with iBOS®, an Artificial Intelligence solution for real-time HVAC energy savings. Killam adopted the AI solution to reduce heating costs at their 11-story 233-unit building. iBOS®’s offering guarantees annual energy consumption savings with a payback of just three years.

“We are committed to investing in energy initiatives that reduce our carbon footprint, as well as our ongoing utility costs. iBOS® is an interesting tool that aligns well with our sustainability goals and we’re very excited to see how it performs,” says Brian Jessop, Vice President of Operations at Killam.

iBOS® will act as a brain for the HVAC system at Quinpool Tower and deliver intelligent heating control, based on the buildings thermal properties, weather, and internal temperature. iBOS®’s real-time solution will reduce HVAC energy consumption by a minimum of 9% at Quinpool Tower, which is backed by an energy guarantee from EcoPilot Canada | USA.

Killam has committed to integrating sustainable opportunities to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and contribute positively to operating savings. Across their approximate 17,000 apartment unit portfolio, Killam has made significant investments in new technology and initiatives that increase sustainability and lower its carbon footprint. In 2019 and 2020, Killam participated in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) program, an initiative that supports sustainability standardization in the real estate sector, validates environmental, social and governance data and aligns with international reporting frameworks.

Killam Apartment REIT, based in Halifax, is one of Canada’s largest residential landlords, owning, operating, and developing a $3.5 billion portfolio of apartments and manufactured home community properties. Killam’s properties are located in Atlantic Canada’s six largest urban centres, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

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