Tenant comfort and energy efficiency at Southwest

Tenant comfort is our priority.  Ecopilot®’s smart AI solution makes tenant comfort a top priority. We maintain your indoor climate within a comfortable, stable range for happier, healthier tenants while automatically and continuously optimizing your HVAC for energy efficiency. It’s like recommissioning your building every 2-minutes! That’s smart stuff! 

Southwest Properties owns and operates the highest quality apartments, condos, and retail spaces, located in the most desirable areas of Halifax, Nova Scotia. They’re driven by sustainability, community, and innovation in design.  Part of Southwest Properties development strategy is planning for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future while striving for excellence in tenant comfort. Ecopilot® presented an opportunity to improve temperature balance while reducing energy consumption. After an initial trial at The Kingsbury, Southwest Properties added Ecopilot®’s intelligent HVAC control to two more buildings; Winchester Plaza and Olivet Gardens.

“…this was a positive result from both a corporate and customer standpoint.” – Jennifer Poirier, VP Real Estate –