Large facilities are also large energy users, and often high emitters. Companies with sophisticated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are sitting on a fortune in potential savings, but usually lack the insight to curtail electricity usage effectively.

PeakPilot merges the precise peak demand prediction capability of EnPowered and the autonomous functionality the AI solution, iBOS®, for HVAC energy efficiency to automate curtailment of HVAC demand during peak demand events. This solution delivers a quick and efficient response to price spikes to save both time and money. A result of the integration between the companies’ solutions, iBOS® is introducing PeakPilot to its customers in Ontario. Through this partnership, it will become easier for thousands of buildings across the province to seamlessly participate in complex energy markets, capturing enormous savings and reducing emissions.

“Our partnership will, for the first time, allow thousands of companies to unlock savings of 10–50 percent, while reducing their building emissions,” said Andrew More, Director of Business Development at EnPowered.

“This will expand the market for both our companies as we help businesses transition to a clean energy ecosystem,” More said.

PeakPilot will provide customers with these savings by combining iBOS®’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) solution for autonomous heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) efficiency with EnPowered’s advanced Price Signal API, which allows users to accurately curtail during peak demand events.

Combined, these features will maximize the return on investment for PeakPilot users.

“Together, these powerful assets will significantly improve return on investment for HVAC systems by reducing costs, emissions, and time spent – while maintaining the comfort of the building’s occupants,” said Tobias Janes, Director of Technical Solutions at EcoPilot Canada | USA.

Peak Pilot will serve as an add-on feature within iBOS®’s existing platform. The solution will alert iBOS® to prepare the building for comfort during the event, and automatically curtail HVAC usage during these costly periods.

Pilot projects will begin in Ontario this summer. In this market, Class A customers pay the Global Adjustment (GA) based on their percentage contribution to the top five peak hours of energy use over each 12-month period.

PeakPilot will allow users to accurately predict when these five peak events will happen, and adjust HVAC controls accordingly. This will provide superior energy savings, as businesses can enjoy the best of both these innovative companies’ AI solutions.

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