If you answer yes to the  questions below, then consider a free energy assessment to confirm the minimum, and guaranteed, energy savings achievable in your building using iBOS®’s intelligent control;

➡ Does your building have a modern Building Management System (BMS)?
iBOS®’s AI,  interfaces to any building automation system that speaks either BACNet, Modbus, or other common communication protocols. Don’t have a BAS? We can add one. 

➡  Does your building have a central system (boiler, chiller)?
iBOS® offsets supply temperature setpoints for heating loops, cooling loops, and air handling units, as well as start and stop of these systems when the long-term need for cooling or heating is not required. If VFD’s are in place, iBOS® will also offset air and pump flows.

Fill out the form below and we’ll send you a building checklist to complete.  From there, we’ll send you a building summary of:

  1. The connected HVAC systems iBOS® will intelligently control
  2. Minimum savings guaranteed by iBOS®
  3. Estimated carbon emission reduction
  4. Total install cost and terms for no-fee install option
  5. Total ROI, which is 3 years, on average

How smart is your building?

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