EcoPilot Canada | USA provides AI solutions throughout North America via a network of reputable partners. These forward-looking companies, such as Advanced Energy Management Ltd (AEM Ltd.)  actively optimize energy consumption in buildings by integrating AI into their services for clients in the built environment. By partnering with us, you will generate a new revenue stream, enhance existing customer offerings, and attract new clients. 

Partner Profile

AEM Ltd. has been providing innovative solutions to optimize building’s energy usage and occupant comfort by installing integrated building automation systems (DDC) for:

They identify and implement solutions for building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) issues including:

  • Installation, startup, and servicing of VRF systems, rooftop units, split air conditioning systems, and packaged chillers
  • gas calibrations

Our partnership efforts aim to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint with turn-key solutions that deliver a one-stop shop for optimized HVAC performance.   


With 1,200+ buildings using our AI systems, EcoPilot Canada | USA has been bringing the benefits of using a building’s thermodynamics and weather data to help building operators optimize on efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective HVAC operations with artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. Our like-minded partners work with us in a performance-based revenue model that not only rewards our partners, but also engages their services as a sub-contractor. Win, win.  By becoming a partner, it offers mutually beneficial benefits:  

  1. Ongoing Value and Cost Savings: Our AI offerings don't replace a building automation system, it enhances it.  Partnering with us leads to immediate cost savings to your clients.  Plus, we extend a no-fee install option and all projects include a guaranteed energy savings offer!    

  2. Expertise and Knowledge: As partners, we work to mutually identify and qualify new and existing customers, work together to install and service, and utilize more data and reporting to identify short and long-term opportunities for continued optimization at building site, best serviced by your company.  

  3. New Revenue Stream: Our partners are provided with a billable scope of work for our AI solutions, including installation and servicing, adaptation and commissioning.  

  4. Ongoing Maintenance and Servicing: Our BAS partners value the data we deliver to better service their existing maintenance contracts, as well as identify issues or plan for service work and upgrades.  Though our AI solutions are real time energy management platforms, the data and recommendations we deliver provide ample service opportunity for BAS contractors.

"Remember, if you have the right partner it will ensure comfort, efficiency, and peace of mind for you and your indoor environment!" Jennie King, General Manager of EcoPilot. “The result is that our partners are providing our innovative AI solutions to optimize a building’s energy usage and reduce carbon emissions - all while keeping people a lot more comfortable.”


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