EcoPilot Canada | USA today announced the signing of their agreement with Massachusetts based firm, Acela Energy Group, as their exclusive US sales agent.

Acela will market and sell the iBOS® Artificial Intelligence energy solution to building owner / operators in the U.S., supporting the aggressive market expansion plan for the Nova Scotia based EcoPilot.

The partnership is timely, as U.S. states make bold moves to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The US buildings sector is responsible for 36 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, mostly from energy use in buildings. Energy efficiency and sustainability goals continue to increase across the US with many major cities & towns creating their own carbon reductions standards.

Acela President, Rich Costello, sees the tremendous potential in iBOS®'s offering.  “We see the opportunity for smart building technologies and know that this AI solution will resonate with our customers who are striving to reduce energy consumption and costs at an acceptable rate of return. Also, the large reduction in gas/oil associated with heating buildings, along with the reduced electric usage for air conditioning, assists both gas and electric utilities to meet their energy reduction goals. We’re ready to hit the ground running!”

“We can’t wait to bring iBOS® to US soil,” says Dean Shea, EcoPilot Canada | USA President. “With Acela, we found a partner who shares our carbon crusade vision and believes innovative technologies, like iBOS®, are key to significantly reducing energy consumption. We look forward to our US rollout, and know that Rich, and his team, have the expertise to represent iBOS®.

Founded in 2004, Acela Energy Group provides commercial, institutional, industrial and government organizations with the knowledge & expertise to reduce energy costs via energy conservation, load management, and energy procurement.  Its’ mission is to assists corporations in making strategic energy demand side and supply side decisions and facilitate their Sustainability Goals.  The company has a network of sales agents who facilitate reliable and cost-effective energy solutions for a broad spectrum of customers across the US.  Visit www.acelaenergy.com.

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