WHEN: Thursday February 29th 10:00AM-11:00AM EST

Smart buildings are leading the charge in the development of smart cities and widely recognized as a critical tool to combat climate change. Driven by IoT technologies, smart buildings deliver autonomous intelligence for streamlined processes, greater energy efficiencies, and automated decision making.

But where will you start? What are the benefits?  How much will you spend and save?

In this panel webinar, experts in AI and Demand Response management will discuss where you can start to transform your existing structure to a smart, high-performance building

Meet your experts:

Ecopilot Canada | USA offers iBOS®, an AI solution that interfaces to existing building control systems to autonomously optimize HVAC systems every two minutes. With over 1,300 global installations, iBOS® averages 25% annually in HVAC energy consumption with a no-fee install option and guaranteed energy savings offer.

CPower Energy is the national leader of grid balancing and reliability solutions, creating a Customer-Powered GridTM that will enable a flexible, clean and dependable energy future. With 6.3 GW of capacity at more than 17,000 sites across the U.S., we unlock the full value of distributed energy resources to strengthen the grid when and where it’s needed most. CPower is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is owned by LS Power, a development, investment, and operating company focused on the power and energy infrastructure sector.

Smarten up

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