With rising energy costs, tighter energy efficiency standards, the world is looking for ESG solutions to reduce operating costs, reduce impacts on the environment, all while improving employee and tenant comfort. Building automation systems (BAS) have been around for decades, providing building managers with monitoring and management of complex HVAC systems. However, these traditional control systems typically don’t account for variables such as thermal mass, weather, or internal loads, which can have a varying effect on comfort and energy use.

Ecopilot® AI improves existing BAS, BMS, and DDC systems by adding weather forecasting, improving coordination of HVAC equipment, and most importantly harnessing a buildings’ thermodynamic properties to re-commission a building every 2-minutes, reducing HVAC energy consumption by 25% on average. Ecopilot® was born out of Sweden fourteen years ago and boasts over 1,200 installations world-wide, this experience allows Ecopilot to guarantee saving before a project begins.

Join this webinar, in partnership with Sustainable Projects Group, to learn more about the benefits of an energy audit, principles of thermal mass, harnessing free energy, what qualifies as an ideal building for Ecopilot®, and how to get a free building assessment – inclusive of a guaranteed energy savings offer!

This will be a perfect introduction for building owners, managers, and operators, engineers, C-level executives, and sustainability managers.

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