With Energy Efficiency Day recently passing, it’s important to stop and assess the progress of the built environment reflecting a greener future.

With buildings generating nearly 50 per cent of annual global C02 emissions, and building operations being responsible for 27 per cent of those annual emissions, efforts to improve the built environment’s global impact can go a long way.

At EcoPilot, we’re all about efficient energy use and savings. This effort is reflected in our fellow Carbon Crusaders who are making a difference.


In 2019, Southwest Properties saw the need to develop a strategy that planned for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future at their Olivet Gardens residential building in Halifax. With tenant comfort and energy efficiency being a priority, the company saw an opportunity with Ecopilot to improve temperature balance while reducing energy consumption. To date, Olivet Gardens has reduced gas consumption by 22.5 per cent.

“iBOS® delivered a more balanced internal climate that contributed to some energy and operating savings. This was a positive result from both a corporate and customer standpoint. We look forward to future possibilities throughout our residential portfolio,” said Jennifer Poirier, VP of Southwest Properties.


Office buildings are also taking the opportunity to become more eco-conscious. Crombie REIT’s Cogswell Tower reflects their commitment to making environmental sustainability a part of their everyday decision. This led to the instillation of Ecopilot to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as improve the internal climate of the facility.

A simplification of the establishment and its installed systems resulted in heating (22 per cent) and electrical (33 per cent) energy savings, reduced carbon emissions equivalent to taking 187 cars off the road per year, and 24.29 per cent in financial savings. The Cogswell Tower now stands with BOMA BEST Gold Certifications and holds a BOMA Nova Scotia Award of Excellence.


More recently, Minto Properties added Ecopilot to a third building in their residential portfolio.

Joanna Jackson, Director of Sustainability & Innovation at Minto Properties expressed early reservations, stating they were “…concerned about not achieving the expected energy savings. However, Ecopilot’s minimum savings guarantee ensures that the project will be successful from a financial perspective.”

Looking at current results, Jackson reports that the iBOS® system has successfully optimized the building’s operations and reduced its electricity and natural gas consumption. “As we move towards low-carbon technology and attempting to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, it becomes more important to operate the equipment as efficiently as possible. Smart building technologies bridge the gap between design and actual operating efficiency,” said Jackson.


Moreover, residential and office buildings aren’t the only ones striving towards sustainability. Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel aims to do their part in climate change mitigation, as well as to continue to improve guests’ comfort and operational efficiency. Once iBOS® was installed, impressive energy savings were achieved via 17.85 per cent natural gas and 20.51 per cent electricity, with reduced carbon emissions equivalent to taking 195 cars off the road per year.

“We’re on track to exceed the estimated savings guaranteed by Ecopilot Canada and were pleasantly surprised that Ecopilot’s AI was also able to identify system issues we weren’t aware of, as well as recommendations for greater efficiencies, both that will result in additional energy savings,” says Jeff Ransome, Halifax Marriott Harbourfront’s General Manager.


The more building owners and property managers implement energy saving practices, the better our chances of achieving global sustainability through an energy efficient built environment. EcoPilot would like to give a round of applause to our clients for their commitment to a greener future.

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