We get asked this a lot!  It’s simple really.

1. We’re Carbon Crusaders – almost like real-life Superheroes. 🦹‍♀️ 🦹‍♂️

2. We’ve been around long before it was called #AI.   Ecopilot isn’t a startup, not by a long shot! We came from Sweden, empowered by 1,000+ commercial installations, and now we’re impressing some of the largest North American portfolio owners with this mature solution.

3. We use free energy first…. because, why wouldn’t you? We are alllll about thermodynamics! Your building naturally has a whole-lotta-free-energy that’s stored and added daily to your building. SO, before you go and purchase more 💸, you should just use the free stuff. About 60% of Ecopilot savings come from thermodynamic properties.

4. We re-commission a building every 2-minutes. Ecopilot’s AI interfaces to any #BMS and works 24/7 to tune systems every 2-minutes; all while maintaining the desired comfort range at the lowest energy cost. Ecopilot intuitively balances #HVAC systems, so they work in harmony, 🤝 rather than against each other.  Also, not that we’re bragging but it will also alert when too much energy is being used, identify zones in the building that are the most energy hungry, and find faults / issues in building systems that need ❤. We’re also working on bed making 🛏 and laundry 🧺, but we can’t have it all!

5. You’ll only pay what you save. We won’t charge you a penny for install and you’ll only pay us back on documented annual energy savings. This isn’t a gimmick. It’s simply our way of demonstrating that we’d never invest in a project that we couldn’t get our investment back from. Bonus! Installs are quick and savings start on Day 1.

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