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Firstly, heavy construction. iBOS® harnesses the free energy that already exists in your building. Our AI utilizes the building’s thermal storage capacity to store and use free energy without compromising the indoor climate. Therefore, a building that is heavily constructed (brick, concrete, etc.) has more potential to store and release free energy over time.

Secondly, a modern Building Management System (BMS). iBOS®’s AI interfaces to any building automation system that speaks either BACNet, Modbus, or other common communication protocols. Don’t have a BAS? We can add one. Also, does your building have a central system (boiler, chiller)? iBOS® offsets supply temperature setpoints for heating loops, cooling loops, and air handling units, as well as start and stop of these systems when the long-term need for cooling or heating is not required. If VFD’s are in place, iBOS® will also offset air and pump flows.  iBOS®’s works 24/7 to tune the system every 2-minutes while maintaining the desired indoor climate at the lowest energy cost.  iBOS® will not replace your BMS; it just makes is smarter.

Thirdly, does your building have centralized heating, cooling and ventilation?  iBOS® offsets the BMS from its prescribed set-points to align with the building’s balance point temperature rather than the outside temperature. The system intuitively enables various systems to collaborate, rather than work against each other.  Ecopilot® is also a powerful tool for identifying system issues and failures.

in summary, iBOS® uses algorithms, assessing the static (thermal mass) and fluid (outside temp, solar incident radiation, wind speed/direction, internal load, precipitation, humidity, etc.) elements in its’ equation to constantly calculate the variable balance temperature of a building, based on the current and future conditions that will affect your property. It then offsets the BMS from its prescribed set-points to follow the balance temperature rather than the outside temperature. The result is elimination of unnecessary system overlaps (heating and cooling in the same day, or even at the same time), a reduction in fluctuation, which equates to a reduction in consumption and therefore costs, while maintaining an optimal indoor climate. The integration of iBOS® into a BMS delivers an energy consumption reduction of 20-40%.  Now, that’s smart.

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