EcoPilot Canada | USA is a clean-tech pioneer in the AI HVAC sector and has earned a global reputation for innovation, quality, service, and exceeding customer expectations. Our mission is to provide effective and reliable solutions for HVAC energy management harnessing thermal properties and Artificial Intelligence that works intuitively to deliver intelligent control of heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The result is proven efficiency demonstrated in more than 1,000 global installations – even during COVID-19.

Lower occupancy doesn’t mean your HVAC system isn’t still working hard – it may even be working harder.  With iBOS®, it will work smarter.  

Buildings with lower occupancy levels, as well as increased demand on systems, such as ventilation, can benefit from iBOS®’s automation and fine tuning of various operational systems, zone by zone, in near real-time, and in the most efficient way possible.  Whether your building is occupied or not, we can still lower your HVAC related operating expenses with iBOS®.  Operators value the ability to remotely access, manage, monitor, and makes changes if required, and even lean on EcoPilot’s knowledgeable team of building automation experts for support – 24/7.

Buildings, and the operational teams who support them, will likely have some rough days ahead but adding automated intelligence that will support, and even continue to save, means we can still look toward a cleaner and greener future.

Contact us to see how your building can work smarter during these challenging times.  You got this, Carbon Crusaders.    

Smarten up

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